Romelu Lukaku to miss at least two games of World Cup

Romelu Lukaku is a £100m Chelsea player – even if a lot of people would like to ignore that fact.

He’s on loan this season, but unless something changes dramatically he’s going to be coming back to Chelsea in the summer, bringing all those problems back home to roost.

A good World Cup would do well to improve his chances of getting a permanent move, but that’s already looking unlikely.

The striker has been suffering from a hamstring injury all season, and according to AFP, he’s still not ready to play.

A source in the Belgian camp claimed he would not be fit until the third group game at best. It’s hard to see him being thrown in to knockout action right away even if he’s fit by then.

So already the first half of the season and the World Cup look set to slip by without the striker improving his chances or a summer move.

One thought on “Romelu Lukaku to miss at least two games of World Cup

  1. Though his time in blue has never really produced much to rave about, we know Lukaku is a beast on his day and it’s a real shame to watch one star after another miss out on some (or all) of this WC due to injury. Been watching “FIFA Uncovered” on Netflix and it seems clear that this whole debacle of playing the WC in Nov could have been avoided but for the corruption within FIFA. How many more will fall to injury over the course of the tournament or in the aftermath as the lack of rest and recovery takes its toll? All so a few could line their pockets. 🙁

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