Mason Mount hate spreads to England supporters after dull 0-0

Mason Mount has always had haters at Chelsea – that’s just the nature of being a player at a top team with a lot of fans these days.

But last night the hate seemed to infect a lot of England supporters too.

They were watching Gareth Southgate’s team toil to a 0-0 draw against USA, and much like the rest of the midfielder and the attack, Mount was unable to really get anything going.

To be fair to the critics, a lot of the ire was actually directed at Southgate rather than Mount himself. Fans wanted the midfielder taken off – but it was more because they were keen to see Phil Foden or another attacking option on the pitch to change things up than just because of a poor showing from Mason.

But there’s no doubt there were a lot of people unhappy with how the midfielder played. It’s not been his best season at club level either.

2 thoughts on “Mason Mount hate spreads to England supporters after dull 0-0

  1. Mount has been rubbish at cfc this season, cash in on him now before everyone realises how overated he is

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