Fabrizio Romano provides Chelsea Endrick transfer update

This is one transfer saga that is already building up to be one of the most dramatic ever, and the player is still only 16-years-old.

I guess that is a clear testament to his talent, with many big clubs already battling it out to sign him. He won’t be leaving for another couple of years either, until he turns 18, but already the major clubs are fighting it out to get ahead for his signature.

Sources: Big positive Declan Rice to Chelsea update!

Chelsea are one of those clubs, alongside giants such as Real Madrid and PSG. So where will he end up going? Transfer expert Fabrizio Romano has penned the latest he knows on his exclusive Substack Newsletter today.

Romano says it is all just about convincing the player where the best project will be. You’d assume that this isn’t just going to be about money, and it will be the best overall project that is being offered.

“There’s still no agreement between Palmeiras and any other club, or on the player’s side,” Romano said.

“It’s still open and it’s the player who will decide, so more than bids to Palmeiras, it’s about convincing the player.

“The race remains the same: Chelsea, Real Madrid, PSG. All the clubs are still in the race, 100%.”

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