Chelsea “have no plans” to sign Cristiano Ronaldo – but this summer shows there’s always a chance

Cristiano Ronaldo is a free agent after tantruming his way out of Manchester United, and there is now a clear and present danger that Chelsea sign him.

We heard from some pretty good sources that the new ownership considered signing him in the summer, and that Thomas Tuchel’s understandable reluctance was a factor in the disagreement between him and the board.

The good news is that Matt Law – perhaps the most reliably well connected Chelsea insider of all – is maintaining that the Blues “have no plans” to try and sign him.

Let’s hope it stays that way. The Portuguese is so famous that he just eats managers alive – ask Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or Ralf Ragnick. Graham Potter wouldn’t stand a chance, and while there’s plenty of temptation in getting Ronaldo’s goals in to the team, it would likely end up costing the coach dearly as he tries to stamp his authority on the squad.