Chelsea envious of England’s number 9 solution to wing back woes

Chelsea fans are trying to distract themselves from a horrible season by enjoying the World Cup, but there are reminders of their problems everywhere they turn.

Just yesterday they saw Christian Pulisic and Mason Mount look excellent in their first games in the tournament, a far cry from their form for their club.

Watching England was especially painful, as Blues fans had to watch another side shorn of a fit Ben Chilwell and Reece James.

Their absence is what Chelsea and England have in common; while the difference between those two teams comes up front. Harry Kane didn’t even need to score, his movement and his passing was enough to create endless attacking opportunities for his colleagues.

Without their wing backs, Chelsea struggle to make chances, let alone score goals. England, meanwhile, were able to rely on their outstanding number 9 to make things happen.

Kane’s brilliant movement and cross to Raheem Sterling was tailor-made to get the best out of the winger, who has lacked that service all season at Stamford Bridge.

For Chelsea fans who have endured almost ten years without a top level striker able to perform every week, it was another painful reminder of what they’ve missed.