Armando Broja might not make another start until 2023

We are not the biggest Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang fans. It looked like a silly signing from the start, and so it’s proved to be so far.

We really don’t want him to be in the team, but that means we need strong performances from Armando Broja when he gets his starts. Today we didn’t see nearly enough of him to think that Graham Potter will be considering making the Albania striker his starter at number 9 anytime soon.

We were desperate to see him use his strength and speed to cause Man City’s back line some problems, but partly through his own fault and partly through selfish play from his teammates, he didn’t make a huge impression.

Assuming Aubameyang starts this weekend and Broja can’t displace him as first choice through the World Cup break, it’s likely to be be 2023 before we see another start for the academy player. That’s a sad thought.