“We need width” – Graham Potter explains latest lineup

The Chelsea app have their standard exclusive interview with the manager before kick off, and this time they’ve asked him about the team he has chosen.

It looks like a 343, returning to that system after a flirtation with 4 at the back at the weekend.

Potter explained that this lineup was all about finding space on the flanks.

“I think we need width. It’s a stable side that allows the boys to go out, express themselves and be positive. We‘re playing against a top opponent so we have to play well but the boys are in a good place so we‘re looking forward to it,” the Chelsea manager said in his interview on the club’s official app.

The result at the weekend was positive even if the performance was patchy, so just like Potter we have high hopes for tonight.

There should be decent width out there tonight, with both Ben Chilwell and Reece James able to bomb forwards up the flanks, and Raheem Sterling and Pierre Emerick Aubameyang in the side to stretch things.

Even Mason Mount is happy to operate in those areas, and while he’s not going to beat players with pace and a dribble, he can deliver a dangerous ball.

If Milan set up narrow tonight, we could get plenty of joy out wide.

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  1. Please MR coach please stop putting jorginho in a game the guy don’t know how to play ball because I hope you saw his mistake once you put him ball, right now if you want to build this team well like man city try and watch man city game you will understand how the play game

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