(Video): American pundits praying for latest Pulisic move

Christian Pulisic couldn’t get a game under Frank Lampard towards the end of his time at Chelsea, he couldn’t get a game under Thomas Tuchel for most of his time at Chelsea, and things aren’t looking much better in the early days of Graham Potter’s spell.

Pundits in the USA are still obsessed with their star boy playing regularly, leading to some fantastical wish-casting about where he might go.

The rumours he could go to Leeds have really excited them – on ESPN they fantasises about a Tyler Adams – Brenan Aarsonson – Pulisic all-American linkup.

You can see their take on the move in the clip embedded here:

One thought on “(Video): American pundits praying for latest Pulisic move

  1. Ever the hater, SuperFrank decides to take shots at the guy who set up the same (Conor Gallagher) goal he’s been drooling over for 48 hrs. Brilliant!

    And since he hasn’t had a good excuse to take a shot at his other favorite American target (Boehly) for at least a week, SuperFrank thought he’d better have a go at mocking American commentators for good measure. Keepin’ it classy!

    I hate to break it to you, SuperFrank, but you’re fulfilling every aspect of the “smug superior Brit” stereotype with your non-stop (and childishly petty) American bashing. It’s a disservice to the game as well as your countrymen and women.

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