Graham Potter says Chilwell is fit to play today – but may lack still sharpness

Graham Potter gave some really positive comments about Ben Chilwell in his press conference yesterday that ramp up the chances of the left back starting today.

Potter said he had no doubts about his fitness, and it was “just for him to be ready to play.”

As the top natural left back in the squad, he’s going to come in eventually, it’s just a question of when the new coach decides to give him his first start.

Without knowing how he’s performing in training, it’s hard to know whether that comes today, or next week in either of the games we play.

Potter didn’t go so far as to outright confirm that Chilwell would start, and the Raheem Sterling at left wing back was one of the successes of his only game in charge so far, but despite that it still seems likely Chilly gets a start, especially having played 90 minutes of warmup game last weekend.