French paper claims four weeks out for Fofana

Chelsea defender Wesley Fofana limped off the pitch last night, and was seen leaving the stadium on crutches.

As if that wasn’t a scary enough omen, he then posted some “back stronger, soon” style comments on his Instagram today, convincing us all that he’s going to be on the side-lines for a while.

A report has just come out from L’Equipe claiming he has a strained knee and will be out for a month.

That has since been backed up by Matt Law, who says it could be less. Either way, it’s as we expected – a tweak rather than a tear.

It’s not ideal, but could be a lot worse.

The club haven’t announced anything, and we don’t particularly expect to get any concrete information from them until Graham Potter’s press conference tomorrow afternoon. And given how reserved he seems to be with information, we don’t expect anything too concrete then either.