(Video): RB Salzburg strike back against Chelsea

It’s all level at Stamford Bridge.

Just as Chelsea were preparing to slow the game down after a strong start to the second half, RB Salzburg have struck back on the counter.

It’s a stinging blow to Graham Potter’s team, who were heading towards the finish line of an important win. Now they’ll struggle to get 3 points.

Thiago Silva was dragged out wide, the Austrians attacked nicely down our right, and some incisive attacking play cost us.

You can see the goal in the clip embedded here:


[Footage from BT Sport]

[Footage from TNT Sport]

[Footage from BeinSport]



2 thoughts on “(Video): RB Salzburg strike back against Chelsea

  1. Well there you go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!No change whoever is manager, so many chances, nobody can shoot straight, except one only. Same old story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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