(Video): “Naive” Pulisic learned nothing from Lukaku

It’s less than a year since Romelu Lukaku gave a stupid interview, and contributed hugely to a messy end to his time at Chelsea, and did huge damage to the team and its morale.

Clearly Christian Pulisic wasn’t paying attention, as he’s had his own Lukaku moment and released a book where he moans about his treatment by Antonio Conte.

Tuchel is no longer his manager, but it’s still hardly going to endear him to his teammates, and to a fanbase that’s already starting to turn on him.

On ESPN, Don Hutchinson called him “naive,” and even that is putting it pretty mildly.

You can see his comments in the clip embedded here:

2 thoughts on “(Video): “Naive” Pulisic learned nothing from Lukaku

  1. First, it’s tuchel, not conte. Second, he’s got a right to be pissed. He was the difference against Real Madrid in the Championship run. Without his play in both games, they likely don’t win. tuchel’s Chelsea is where creative attacking play goes to die. Further, he destroys an attacker’s confidence. There’s a reason, Werner, Kai, Hakim, and Lukaku haven’t done well under his leadership.

  2. SuperFrank, always hating on the Americans. You’re like a broken record, dude!

    Gotta agree with Ric’s comment. Pulisic has every right to be angry with a manger that broke trust with him. BIG difference between him and Lukaku is he didn’t go airing dirty laundry while the manger was still the boss. Funny how you didn’t mention that, but I guess being fair to Pulisic just isn’t your MO.

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