Tite on his “impressive” captain who is ready to lead Brazil at another World Cup

There are few people who knoew Thiago Silva as well as Tite.

While the defender has worked his way through a catalogue of top coaches at club level, with Brazil he’s now had many years with Tite at the top.

Despite his advancing years, he’s never been anything other than an undisputed first choice with his international manager, and looks set to remain there until the World Cup at the very least.

The centre back is on international duty now, where Tite had some choice quotes about his captain.

He pointed out that the 38 year old will make a good coach, and that he makes the game look easy.

His analysis of what makes Silva great on the pitch sums it up perfectly.

“He manages to make the clearest, most lucid, transparent decisions with impressive technical performance.”

The error that he made against RB Salzburg was so memorable because you see them so rarely. In fact, we can count on one hand the number of mistakes he’s made in two and a half years at Chelsea.