Chelsea to be hit with huge tax bill as HMRC unravel debts of Roman ownership

Chelsea are going to be given a huge tax bill as HMRC finally reaches the end of its investigation into the previous ownership’s tax affairs, according to an exclusive in the Daily Telegraph.

The complicated nature of Chelsea’s funding during Roman Abramovich’s ownership meant that it’s taken some time for HMRC to unravel the situation, but the article reports that a conclusion has almost been reached, and the club are preparing themselves for a mega bill.

Todd Boehly was made aware of a lot of these liabilities before he completed the purchase, and in fact £100m was specifically set aside to cover such eventualities, so this is not unforseen to any degree.

This is of course a very unusual situation, but the rapid nature of the sale due to global events meant that what would normally be a very slow and meticulous process became a race to completion for everyone.

Now we are finally digging into the dirt.