Chelsea given permission to speak to Graham Potter as Blues pay out £10m clause

Chelsea have been given permission to speak to Graham Potter by Brighton, according to breaking news from Sky Sports emerging just now.

The broadcaster had barely had time to get their man in place at Stamford Bridge to respond to the news that Thomas Tuchel had been sacked before the news broke that Graham Potter had been approached.

It’s going to cost Chelsea £10m to appoint him, which is small money in the context of a window where they spent almost a quarter of a billion.

It’s nice to see them move quickly, even if you don’t agree with the decision to sack Tuchel.

Potter is now almost certain to take over – it’s incredible how fast these things can change in comparison with the year or more we can spend chasing a player in the transfer market.

After weeks of rising tension, it could now all be resolved by tonight.

6 thoughts on “Chelsea given permission to speak to Graham Potter as Blues pay out £10m clause

    1. Sacking tuchel is not the solution…last season arsenal was at the bottom of the league after five matches being played but the coach wasn’t sacked…cfc like sacking coaches…

  1. Nothing New or Surprising to any Chelsea Fan as we are Always aware of the Revolving Door at Stamford Bridge since the Abramovich Era.

  2. Potter is very promising and interesting. EPL looked tough for Tuch.. nomatter how Lukaku, Abraham and Werner are shining outside already.

  3. Seeing this news, I was so shocked truth to be told Chelsea Fc haven’t performed well this new season, , , Ietting Thomas Tuchel leaves the club isn’t the solution. I’m nt just happy

  4. I do not support a revolving door policy, but Tuchel needed to go. He had lost the faith of the players and his tactical approach and line up decisions were not working. There is too much talent on this side to let it languish in this scenario. Ownership rightly discerned that giving more time for TT to try to right the ship would spiral out of control to a lost season. I predict that 3 years out this decision will be vindicated and Chelsea will be a force in global football even moreso that previously.

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