What one club has said about Todd Boehly after dealing with him in negotiations

Everything is brand new at Chelsea Football Club this summer, and we are all learning as we go.

The fans are having to learn and trying to understand how we are operating this summer window, and the new owners themselves are having to learn on the job and pick things up as they go along.

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Todd Boehly and co only took the reigns a couple of months ago and they have had a huge task on their hands, trying to sign players for Thomas Tuchel’s squad rebuild.

Spending lots of money on new signings is always going to gather negative comments, and an article from The Daily Mail this week has described Boehly’s approach as a ‘scattergun’ approach.

Personally I think it’s best to wait until the window is done before we cast our judgements on operations, but there is one interesting bit in the article describing what a club have said about Boehly after dealing with him in transfer negotiations.

Martin Samuel wrtites:

‘One club who have been dealing with Boehly claim they have found negotiations hard. They describe Chelsea’s new owner as wary, always fearing the other party is taking advantage.

‘Maybe those losses to Barcelona stung him, maybe he has heard one too many stories of football’s wild west transfer market.’

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  1. Why shouldn’t he be wary. After agreeing to pay Sevilla more money for kounde, Barcelona bought the same player for far lesser amount.

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