Thomas Tuchel says Chelsea have “calmed” after transfer madness and are ready to beat Everton

After a frenzied few weeks in the transfer market, all the attention has been on the players coming and going at Chelsea.

It’s been hard to remember that the season is creeping up, and today the Blues open their campaign against Everton at Goodison Park.

Thomas Tuchel insists in an interview on the club’s official website today that the team are “calm” now and ready to focus on their football.

“Seeing that we succeed in transfer market also calmed me down, so it was like a give and take for for everybody. It is what we want because the strengths of Chelsea was that it was calm not only from inside but also from outside, and we have to do everything to reach this status again,” Tuchel said.

“We try to refocus this week completely on Everton and I feel the team focused and everybody calmed down, and I’m convinced that we are ready to compete with Everton for the win.”

It seems the coach is in a much better place than he was even just a couple of weeks ago after the disastrous friendly loss to Arsenal in the United States.

The new additions are clearly to his liking, and as he says, there’s no doubting that the new owners are very serious about taking this team to the top.

Tuchel is the man to do that, and we’re confident he will get us three points today at a ground where we’ve struggled.