New ownership set to give Stamford Bridge major makeover

Chelsea’s new ownership are commited to giving Stamford Bridge a makeover, according to the story in the Daily Telegraph today.

Sam Wallace reports that Todd Boehly has given the project to executive Janet Marie Smith, who previous renovated the Atlanta Braves’ stadium, along with the Boston Red Sox’s legendary Fenway Park.

Given there are still long term plans to redo the stadium entirely, these changes will be pretty surface level, but there are some useful long-term ideas in there including access to Fulham Broadway, the only nearby London Underground station.

The cosmetic changes include new murals, big banners with trophies on, plus new “metre high illuminated letter” to spell out the club’s name on the wall, just in case any visitors thought they were at the Emirates or something.

The plans have been submitted to the local borough for approval, and we can’t see much in there they might object to.

4 thoughts on “New ownership set to give Stamford Bridge major makeover

  1. yes, make-overs are nice but lose track of the Soul of the attentive to the careful in the choice of materials Feng Shui-wise…and listen to all needs..add a few elevators and WC..Bonne Chance

  2. Renovation OK but we need at least a boost in team’s performance this season, it had been ridiculous for those past 2 seasons that the Covid-19 pandemic marred with the sunctions that eventually affected the team successes!

  3. Renovation ok, but have to work on the team. Try get some goal scorers from other clubs who are willing to give out players

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