Mike Dean admits to VAR error in Chelsea Tottenham game

Mike Dean, the VAR official from Sunday’s Chelsea – Tottenham game, has confessed that he made a mistake in not sending the referee to the VAR monitors, in comments picked up by BBC Sport.

Well, it’s a little late now.

He pointed to the hectic situation and the “seconds” in which he had to decide whether a hair pull was violent conduct.

Well, it’s violent, and it’s conduct, so we’re not sure where the confusion is really.

“In the few seconds I had to study Romero pulling Cucurella’s hair, I didn’t deem it a violent act,” he said.

“I’ve since studied the footage, spoken to other referees and, upon reflection, I should have asked Taylor to visit his pitchside monitor to take a look for himself.

Ironically, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel is now being investigated by the FA for his conduct and comments about the refereeing after the game. He will be fined and possibly banned, Dean will get paid for writing his column in the Daily Mail.

What a world, eh?

12 thoughts on “Mike Dean admits to VAR error in Chelsea Tottenham game

  1. I don’t see Wright in the eyes of FA that Thomas Tuchel should be banned while whatever comments he made was Wright, the VAR monitor Dean, need to be suspended but not other way round come on blues

  2. Dean has been doing that even when he was in the middle of the pitch, favouring teams of his choice. To me especially as an Arsenal fan have been aggrieved by his conduct. I was happy that he had retired but now he is on VAR duties we will find no joy from Dean. Just watch this space this is not the last controversial decision he will make. Those who benefit from him will be happy.

  3. i think var should be banned not Thomas Tuchel if the ref cant do his job maybe they should put woman in charge of ref come on Chelsea

  4. i think they should ban V A r not Thomas Tuchel,

    and ban the ref lets see woman do the refs job come on Chelsea

  5. Let VAR team fined not Thomas otherwise it will be a double blow to Chelsea team to barn the coach. This VAR team must be fair enough when discharging their duties to avoid these issues of punishing those that are genuinely complaining.

  6. The ref stole Chelsea win. He forgot that he was a referee, was the 12th platter for Conte in this have. I’m not a Chelsea fan, but I was fuming with this travesty.

  7. What Mike Dean and Anthony Taylor did during the Blues vs the Lilly whites on sunday match were surprising.
    If the referee on the pitch did not see some actions which are out of his visions,there is the technology in place to monitor this.
    If the referee appointed to execute this process during the match unable to rule out such a violent conduct(hair pull,offside positions and etc),it is a real blow.
    More surprisingly the use of VAR is under a great question since higher officials did not recognized the situation during this 21St century in a developed countries league.

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