Marc Cucurella names his best position

There were two things we all agreed about Marc Cucurella’s transfer to Chelsea. Firstly that he’s a great player, and secondly that we weren’t sure where he would fit.

We already had Ben Chilwell at left back, and while nobody can complain about top tier back ups, it seemed odd to spend so much on a reserve when we’ve got gaping needs in the first team at striker, winger, centre midfield and centre back.

But since then the plan has become clear – he’s going to cover as much at left centre back as he is at left back.

His words in his introductory press conference today explained exactly what his thoughts were about where he would like to play:

It sounds like we’re going to see him all over. We wonder if he fancies a go up top? With Marcos Alonso on the way out, we need a new left footed goal threat…