Marc Cucurella impresses on unexpectedly rapid debut

Marc Cucurella was never going to get a start today – he only signed for the club yesterday.

But with Ben Chilwell only just coming back from injury today after many months out, the left back was called on for a second half cameo, with the eyes of all the fans on him.

And he really impressed!

The game was stretched by the time he was on, with plenty of space for him to operate in down the left, but his ability to come inside was very evident too.

He whipped balls into the centre with great accuracy, won his duels defensively and wasn’t afraid to push forward down the left.

Just at the stage where Everton were pushing for a goal, his influence really helped Chelsea take back control of the game and see it out with relatively few issues in the end.

Let’s hope for more of the same.

6 thoughts on “Marc Cucurella impresses on unexpectedly rapid debut

  1. His unexpected debut went well. He was accurate, fearless, strong.
    His reading of the game is also great.
    He’sa gift for the Blues.

  2. Yesterday’s #EveChe game, Cucurella played like he’s been in CFC for a decade! He adapted and integrated effortlessly. I recall how Brighton gave us headaches in January at Amex. Same Cucurella was at the centre of it – defensively!

    That game ended 1 – 1…

  3. Cucurella really played weĺl n i prefer him to start our next game agaist Spurs becos he was so good on the to watch.

  4. An accurate passer, have that pace & passion when the team loses or gains the ball in recovery, not afraid to go over the line on attacking moments, good markings on box touchline & covers! ❤️.

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