Chelsea will finish outside top 4 for this season says Rio Ferdinand

The Premier League is about to kick off, and so it’s time for people to get their predictions in.

A lot of teams around Chelsea have really strengthened significantly, and the top two still look uncatchable. That’s leading to some pretty negative predictions about our season, including yesterday on BT Sport by Rio Ferdinand.

In quotes picked up by the Mirror, he claimed that the Blues would only manage 5th in the table:

“I think it [the top six in order] will go Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal,” said the former England international.

His logic for Chelsea falling off the pace was related more to bad vibes at the club than just how much better our rivals are looking:

“I don’t care about results in pre-season, it was more the aftermath,” Ferdinand said of Tuchel’s comments following the 4-0 friendly loss to Arsenal.

“There must be some things happening behind the scenes that we’re not aware of as yet, he seems disgruntled and unhappy. There are maybe some players angling for a move behind-the-scenes that we’re not aware of. He’s brought Sterling in who will be a great addition, but if they lose the players that they’re talking about losing.”

We have to agree, we were more worried by the mood than by the loss itself. But these things can turn around quickly, and a couple of really interesting signings can change the mood among the fans drastically.

A good win on Sunday and we’ll be all smiles again, one feels. The season is long, and one grumpy press conference in July can’t count for everything.