Chelsea on the verge of losing another first team star for free

The whispers about Jorginho leaving Chelsea have come in a steady stream almost every week since he signed for the club.

This summer though they had dried up almost entirely, until we heard them spark up again yesterday through Nick Purewal of the Press Association.

That’s just reminded us that we’re in quite a critical situation with Jorginho. His contract runs out next summer, so if we don’t sell him now, it looks likely he leaves for free in a year’s time.

That would be a disaster in normal circumstances, but given we lost Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger a year earlier in the same way, this would be a catastrophe.

To lose 3/11 members of a Champions League winning team, all still in their 20s, will have walked away for a combined fee of… 0.

That’s critical mismanagement of your assets, and you can’t imagine the new ownership will stand for that sort of thing.

13 thoughts on “Chelsea on the verge of losing another first team star for free

  1. he slows down the game too much hes negative in possession and hes weak and slow and gets caught out in transition constantly. Chelsea have to play cautiously just to cover his lack of mobility sell ASAP

  2. I don’t think it is really nice for the star midfield to leave during the end of of his contract,
    But at least Chelsea should gain something from him by selling in to another club as the same way Chelsea buy him from another club.

  3. Si es por dinero yo pongo los euros para que se lleven a Gorgojinho ya, es un especialista en perder balones por favor, llevencelo antes de que nos provoque una hernia.

  4. That’s a UEFA Men’s player of the year right there.He should be given a chance to fight for his spot and a contract extension

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