Chelsea left back holds no grudges over Spurs travesty

The most controversial incident (of the things that happened on the pitch, anyway) of Sunday’s rollercoaster ride against Spurs was when Cristian Romero pulled Marc Cucurella’s hair at the penultimate corner of the game.

The referee saw nothing – or saw nothing wrong with it – VAR didn’t intervene, a follow up corner was taken and Spurs scored.

It’s pretty obvious that Romero should have been sent off for violent conduct, but Cucurella doesn’t hold any grudges, despite how the foul on him cost his team two points.

In quotes picked up by Nizaar Kinsella from the Evening Standard, Cucurella explained how he felt about the situation:

That’s very noble of him, honestly. We know fans who are more angry than that, and he was the one who got his actual hair pulled.

We should all take a leaf from his book and try to move on and just not think about these frustrations.

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