Chelsea close in on £45 million transfer

According to reports, Chelsea is one step closer to finalising a potential £45 million transfer. Sources suggest the team is in talks with Manchester City, as the two Premier League giants barter for the talented Nathan Ake.

Ake spent some time at Stamford Bridge earlier in his career, although he failed to make his mark on the pitch at that time. Largely relegated to the subs bench, he was arguably denied the chance to shine – which, given his more recent performances, was undoubtedly a missed opportunity.   

Now, however, he could be set to get a second chance with the club. We look at the latest news and updates. 

A non-starter turned star

If you were to assess Nathan Ake based on his previous Chelsea performances, you wouldn’t think he’d have amounted to much. Spending most of his time with the club on the sidelines, he had little chance to show just how talented he is.

Since then, Ake has made up for those missed opportunities, proving himself in the Premier League for Bournemouth before being transferred to his current club, Manchester City. Despite this, he now looks set to go full circle, representing Stamford Bridge for the second time in his career.

While a deal has yet to be finalised, sources suggest that significant progress has been made during talks between the two clubs, with Chelsea reportedly agreeing to a £45 million transfer fee for the 27-year-old.

So, where and how is Ake likely to be used? Many suggest he’ll work well with Thomas Tuchel, giving him a notable upgrade on his current defensive options. Certainly, the team could do with such an addition.  

If we look at Chelsea’s current back line, we can see it’s a little depleted following the departures of two major talents: Andreas Christensen and Antonio Rudiger. The two left on free transfers earlier in the year to join Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.   

Solid and consistent  

Some fans might wonder why Man City isn’t keener to hang onto Ake, but if we look at his past performances with the club, we can see a pattern of non-starts. Much like his earlier stint at Stamford Bridge, he’s frequently lacked playtime, even though he’s been impressive when given the opportunity to prove himself.

Despite having been underutilised, there’s no doubt Ake is a solid, consistent player; he simply hasn’t been afforded sufficient opportunities to shine. Coupled with Kalidou Koulibaly, however, he could form one-half of a fearsome new-look defence. 

Koulibaly is currently embroiled in his own big-bucks transfer, with his fee having recently been agreed at 38 million euros. There is also an agreement on personal terms for a 10 million euro salary per season, which will be payable directly to the Senegalese defender.   

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An exciting time ahead for Chelsea

For fans of Chelsea, hearing about the latest transfers is always a nail-biting time. We so desperately want our club to perform to its optimum ability, and every new signing has the chance to bring us one step nearer – or to take us one step further away.

This year, however, we’re approaching the latest slew of signings with optimism. There are some really exciting names included among them, and we’d like to think they can help usher in a new era of on-pitch dominance.

So, is Nathan Ake the signing we’ve been dreaming of? That, of course, remains to be seen. We don’t claim to have a crystal ball or suggest our predictions are infallible – but we do feel hopeful. Young, talented, and largely underutilised to date, it’s our feeling that Ake and Koulibaly could become a dream defensive duo.

Whatever happens this season, we know one thing for sure: that Chelsea fans are here and ready to back our club to the hilt.

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  1. Sólido? Constante? Por favor… aún tengo fresco como Ake provocó un penal y fue participe en la falta de cobertura en uno de los goles de Liverpool por la copa, o como en pretemporada un delantero mexicano lo ridiculizo, tiene falencias no va a ser un defensa top, espero que no venga nuevamente.

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