Chelsea bids for Fofana “instantly rejected” due to £20m difference – but deal can still be saved

Chelsea are continuing to push to sign Wesley Fofana, but it seems there’s a very long way to go.

Ben Jacobs of CBS Sports has been close to the reporting on this, and he’s insisted that the teams are still “around £20m apart” in their valuations of the players.

Chelsea’s initial approaches has been so far away from what Leicester want (presumably around £80m) that they’ve been “near instantly rejected.

That at least means we will reach a deal quickly, or give up entirely. The only thing we’re not blessed with at this point is time, with the new season just days away.

It’s impressive the number of moves that the Blues are making simultaneously at the moment, but none of them are higher priority than signing a centre back. So until this deal is done or given up on, we can’t really relax.

£20m is a big gap, but if we really want Fofana, it’s not too big to make happen.

One thought on “Chelsea bids for Fofana “instantly rejected” due to £20m difference – but deal can still be saved

  1. Time is not on our side as the new season has already arrived. So, any further delay will increase our struggling performance in this 2022/2023 season.
    Therefore, every hand on deck Rightnow and all negotiators should do everything possible to meet with the requirements for those players contacted to save time and put Chelsea back into position for a strong contest against rivals Liverpool and Manchester City.

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