Chelsea agree huge deal for Aubameyang as panic buying begins

Chelsea and Barcelona have agreed a huge deal for the transfer of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, according to sources in Spain.

Well connected site Relevo says that there’s a €22m initial offer on the table, with a further €5m in variables available.

That’s a monster sum to be honest, for a player who Arsenal were willing to let go for free about 6 months ago.

Yes this team needs a striker, and yesterday’s result is more likely than most to trigger immediately and urgent spending, but this doesn’t feel like a good move at all.

He’s old, he had some disciplinary problems towards the end at Arsenal, and we’re just handing Barcelona cash for a player that was considered pretty much worthless in Janury.

He scored some goals there, and could well score some goals here. But is he going to make the team better long term? We have our doubts.

In any case, it looks like he will be a Chelsea player soon.

One thought on “Chelsea agree huge deal for Aubameyang as panic buying begins

  1. Auba never wanted to play for Arsenal again since before he was given the huge contract to make him stay. And I think he only stayed because of the money after his first and second season, he started to show his attitude. There is no way the coach could have let him stay in the team as we do not want such character and indiscipline in the dressing room. As for me the boss made the right decision to let him leave for free. We would have been waiting for him to pick form and would not have gotten Jesus

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