Raphinha risks no transfer at all as he turns down Chelsea talks

The Raphinha transfer is at a delicate moment.

Chelsea have been widely reported to have agreed a fee with Leeds for the winger, and from that moment it was assumed he would make the switch.

But the Daily Mirror are today reporting that he’s refusing to discuss a contract with the Blues until he knows where Barcelona stand.

He would prefer to play for the Blaugrana, clearly, and is trying to sit tight and see if they can free up the funds to match Chelsea’s bid.

It’s a fine line to walk though. Chelsea will eventually move on to other targets if the Brazilian won’t sign, and if they do that and Barca can’t raise the money, he will end up at Leeds for another year.

Not a total disaster – he’s looked good there – but he could easily end up looking back and cursing his pickiness.

The next few days will be crucial.

7 thoughts on “Raphinha risks no transfer at all as he turns down Chelsea talks

  1. Best for him to stay at Leeds. Big fish in a small pond and all that. That will be his best preparation for the World Cup!!

  2. He can leave a club of his choice after all it’s rather risky featuring a player who’s mind is not with the club

  3. Chelsea can let him fulfill his dream move not hijacking him where he feels not loved

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