Chelsea’s unwanted players must go at any price, before they cost us the season

Thomas Tuchel was understandable furious after the 4-0 defeat to Arsenal last night.

Given the scoreline, that was always going to be the case, even if it was a friendly.

The Chelsea manager’s assessment after the game was pretty much as bleak as the game itself. He noted that plenty of his group just didn’t look mentally engaged at all, and Tuchel said this was likely because they were more worried about leaving the club than playing for it.

This can only mean one thing – if it wasn’t already a priority, it’s essential that the deadwood are expunged immediately. It doesn’t really matter if it’s for a bad return, or even no return. If their presence is poisoning the rest of the group, keeping them here will cost us more than the meagre extra money we will get by giving them preseason minutes.

It’s time to be ruthless, and hopefully being in the stadium last night will have given Todd Boehly and his fellow owners that message loud and clear.

17 thoughts on “Chelsea’s unwanted players must go at any price, before they cost us the season

    1. Not Ziyech, get a goal keeper. Our goalkeeper has always been a disaster waiting to happen; not consistent, not world class at all. He has ridden his luck all along with a good back line. He started being exposed late last season. Get a confident keeper. Last season was 80% luck, this season will determine his quality or lack of it. Get England goalkeeper

  1. The coach is beginning to understand what is happening in the team after Arsenal match.
    Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech are materials for champions league. They should remain in the team.
    Aloso, the captain, and Loftus chek should be allowed to go and replace with better players.

  2. Chelsea is really not for some of this players they are not really feet for chelsea, Chelsea is not a club of chance, in Chelsea you have to be strong enough and mentally ready, hakim zeyed temo winner alonso aspiqueta malang sarr conor gallerga Michel batsua lotuf cheek they should all be sale they are not good for chelsea this is why i love Roman because he dose not take nonsense the new owner should do something about this, sale them all it will be a signal to any other player in or out there who wants to join Chelsea

  3. Chelsea FC should please allow the uncommitted players (Timo, Alonso, Ziyech, Cesar,e.t.c) to leave immediately at any price, let’s accept it as a big loss, because they are doing no good to the team any more but harm the team. Also believing in our home grown is a priory because the boys (G.Callagger, Levi, Mase, Recce,e.t.c) are ready.
    Moreover our keeper is flopping, try use Kepa sometime!

  4. Aspi,Pulisic,Batshuayi,Sarr and Werner should be released one way or the other,CFC is too soft and too charitable. Teams are serious out there that third position we held last season will be contested by atleast four other teams and we will be where Man U was last season. Something must be done before the transfer window closes or we are in trouble.

  5. Please the board should allow those players who are not ready to work at the team to leave immediately so that they will not cost us any more damage than this one they have done last night because is a big disgrace to the whole of Chelsea foot ball fans all over the world most especially the African fans please all rotten eggs should be disposed before they cause an air pollution thanks.

  6. Ha ha ha….New Chelsea owner,,you forcibly connive with the government to take somebody’s club and expect all shall be well..u lie to yourself.all good Chelsea players should force a transfer before its too late,soon our good coach will be bought by a another team.this season Chelsea will struggle to finish top 10..this is the end of Chelsea that we all know.

  7. “Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech are materials for champions league. They should remain in the team.” Thank you my brother!

    Jorginho is the main problem of Chelsea. He does not create chances or make good tackles. His sloppy style is the main reason our sharp forwards are not performing. Also, he exposes the backline that is why Chelsea is conceding like mad. He should be BENCHED. Let us watch other players play in the midfield.

  8. I never knew Chelsea manager will discover those players thank God he knows Aspi, Alonso Timo & ziyh should be release out of Chelsea team & get get better players that are ready for business seriously.

  9. If we can tell ourselves the truth all the players including us the fans are not happy about what England did to Roman they hate Chelsea because of our success they have been giving that man problems even before this year, transfer ban No visa for him and now boooom their prayers now work this year

  10. The all deadly issues was made by the England with the front man b Jonson cost our team. I became happy to hear he has put head down as a prime minister

  11. The first to leave should be Jorginho, Alonso, Barkley, Timo, Callum. Azpi and Ziyech may follow.

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