Why Chelsea are negotiating for three players at once

Chelsea have yet to make a transfer so far this summer, but their links to some big Premier League names are getting hotter and hotter.

Nick Purewal today wrote about the links to Raheem Sterling, Raphinha and Richarlison. He said that Chelsea are “unlikely” to sign all three, but are still conducting parallel negotiations so that they can accelerate the signings of whichever ones they end up with.

Now that conclusion is pretty obvious of course, but it’s interesting to hear it even just in terms of the way that it conforms that we ARE making serious moves for all three.

The Sterling links have already been confirmed by a lot of top sources – the others not so much. In those cases, it looked more like our name was just being thrown in to widen the net of clicks.

Maybe this is a sign that all three have serious merit after all?


8 thoughts on “Why Chelsea are negotiating for three players at once

  1. That’s good news. At least lets put some pressure so that we can sign some new faces to the squad

  2. For cry not loud , tuchel is even confuse of whom to sign to balance up is team after lukaku saga, he don’t even know how to make signings , u need a dangerous striker like Richardrison it does not cost too much to Pear up with havart upfront, why going for rafinha is a wasting of money ,when u have ziyech , who can still step up the good job on a big occasion , tuchel is just too poor in terms of signing players, he brought in lukaku, u complaint his touches were too
    Poor, u brought in saul on loan , he can even make some accurate passes with some sort of confidence., now go for Richardsrison , u are still scratching your head again.but i believe lukaka will prove him wrong. When he starts playing in Italy

  3. They are loaded up front, they should have all their emphasis on the back line then midfield and finally the front line. Turchel is making this look like he is out of his dept and this is amateur hour.

  4. I am also of the view that we must go in for a better attacking option by prioritising Richarlison rather than Rahim.Starline.

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