Thiago Silva summons Neymar to Chelsea

Thiago Silva has begun his campaign to get Neymar to Chelsea., after the first whispers that the attacker might not be happy in Paris much longer.

“He has to go to Chelsea. [If] he is about to leave [PSG] then he must go there” the centre back declared in quotes picked up by various sources.

We would imagine it’s all rather tongue in cheek, but equally it’s not a total joke. Silva would love his international colleague at Chelsea, and Neymar might well fancy a go – although he’s never seemed keen on playing in the Premier League before.

Neymar’s rather disappointing season with PSG and his long contract there puts all parties in a tough position, even if they want a move to happen.

He might rather leave, and they might consider selling him, but nobody – including Chelsea – is going to pay what would be necessary to get him.

Having said that, there’s a lot of summer left…

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  1. Si Neymar se compromete a ser profesional y a ser disciplinado puede aportar mucho, de lo contrario puede arruinar el vestuario y Tuchel es el más indicado para saber la personalidad de Neymar.

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