“Should be finalised on Wednesday” – Chelsea about to secure first departure of the summer

This week will finally see Chelsea complete their first outgoing deal of the summer, and this one will be celebrated by Blues fans, probably even more than the fans of the club he is going to!

It’s been a turmoil year for Romelu Lukaku, but he is about to get his wish that he so desperately pushed for, for most of this season by the looks of it, and a return to Inter Milan is about to be confirmed.

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According to Matt Law of The Telegraph, the move will be sealed and done this coming Wednesday, meaning at the time of writing, Chelsea fans only have two days left to endure Lukaku still being at this club.

Although the move is a loan move, many are adamant that Lukaku will never play for Chelsea again, and I am sure that the player himself probably even thinks this way. It’s a mutual celebration for sure, Lukaku and Chelsea fans will be celebrating this in equal amounts.

2 thoughts on ““Should be finalised on Wednesday” – Chelsea about to secure first departure of the summer

  1. It’s the.same.old transfers delemer we always.behind in signing players new owner still no difference we will.end.up buying hopeless players as with previous transfers
    Lots of.talk who we want but still.no action
    Spurs.mancity.and othe prem teams all doing business. Don’t hold much hope.for.next season

  2. I am honestly very very flabbergasted that by now Chelsea is yet to buy any top ranking player. This is unbelievably disappointing

    You should be focused and get the right players and start preparing for next season. Why all this confusion and disarrayment that we are seeing in Chelsea’s inability to getting quality players when they have the money!! Factually, It is a shame. There is no other way to put because other big clubs like man city and liverpool have done their buying of players long ago as expected to those who know what they are doing as proactive people and teams

    This is nonsense and lack of prowess in getting things done on time by the coach and the new owners

    This is a disgraceful and highly unsettling to we Chelsea supporters

    Please do the needful on time by getting us top quality players before it’s too late please, please and please
    Because we don’t want a poor outcome next season

    You new owners please make Chelsea better now than you met it


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