New Inzaghi contract is another step forward for Lukaku move

Romelu Lukaku and Simone Inzaghi only coincided briefly at Inter Milan, but clearly the two have a good relationship.

Antonio Conte left after winning Serie A, while Lukaku stuck around until the end of the summer, when Chelsea finally stumped up the fatal £100m to buy him.

So the striker got to spend preseason with Inzaghi, and clearly he liked what he saw.

Reports in the last few days claim it was to Inzaghi that Lukaku appealed when he wanted to return to Italy initially, asking his erstwhile boss what he could do to make a move happen.

So the news that Inzaghi has renewed his deal at Inter for another year will only help Lukaku’s return. The 46 year old coach wasn’t able to replicate Conte’s success, although he was regarded to have done a good job in running AC Milan close given the sales last summer.

This feels like another piece of the puzzle falling into place for Lukaku’s return to be announced this week.

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