Marca: The four offers that Ousmane Dembele is considering

There are certainly many contrasting reports going around about the Ousmane Dembele situation right now, but I guess that is just another sign that it is transfer (silly) season.

Nobody truly knows what is going on right now, but with the Ousmane Dembele situation, one thing that is totally clear is that Chelsea and Thomas Tuchel are at the very least, interested in signing him.

Sources: Who Chelsea are looking at for the sporting director role.

But the exact details on what is happening and where we might be at with this situation, is completely different depending on what you read and from which sources.

Marca have their version of events published this morning, and they say that Chelsea have made an offer to Dembele, and it is one he is considering, along with staying at Barcelona, which appears to be his priority, as well as PSG and Bayern Munich.

I think this situation is far from cut and dry one way of the other and will have more twists and turns yet.