Inter’s opening offer is just €5m and Chelsea rejected – but a compromise is coming

Fabrizio Romano hasn’t had much to say on the Romelu Lukaku news so far, but this evening he came in hot with some details takes on the talks that are apparently taking place this week.

With word apparently from the horse’s mouth, Romano states that Chelsea have rejected Inter’s opening proposal of a €5m loan fee for the season for the striker. That’s significantly lower than the €15m or more that was being bandied about earlier today.

We would imagine any final fee for the year would be significantly higher than what is offered now.

The Italian club apparently are also “waiting for a price tag” – presumably for a permanent transfer.

This one is really hotting up, and while both sides are far apart, there seems to be room to manoeuvre on both sides. All three parties want the move to happen, and that usually means it does. There is a deadline, which could move things even faster.