Inter ultras refuse to “drool” over returning Lukaku

Inter Milan are about to re-sign Romelu Lukaku, and their fans aren’t sure what to make of it.

He was brilliant for them two seasons ago as he spearheaded their title win, but the way he left to join Chelsea caused some controversy. When he sent the fans messages through the media, they were met by pretty cold statements of rejection.

Now he’s on his way back, they’re not willing to welcome him instantly. According to one ultra group, he will have to earn their respect back.

In their statement, they urged fans not to meet his plane on arrival in Italy to “drool” over the returning striker.

Lukaku has burned his bridges with Chelsea fans, and must be pretty relieved that the notoriously tricky ultras aren’t taking an even more hard line than this, in all honesty.

We wonder what reception he will get on his return to Chelsea a year from now.

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