“Incredible deal” for Lukaku hailed by Italian fans

Romelu Lukaku’s return to Inter Milan isn’t totally concluded yet, but we essentially know the terms and what both sides are putting in to the deal.

Inter will pay €8m – plus potential bonuses for one season of a player they sold for €113m less than a year ago.

Those numbers made it seem a pretty astonishing arrangement, and it really shows how desperate Chelsea were to get him off their books.

A columnist on Football Italia opined that Inter CEO Beppe Marotta “has pulled off an incredible deal in the short term,” and it’s hard to disagree with that given the plain facts of the numbers involved.

They actually don’t come down on the side of it being a great deal overall just yet, they conclude that there may be hidden costs and problems down the line.

But ultimately, there’s no denying that they’ve really made the most of our blunder.

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