Chelsea officially announce first summer signing

The Todd Boehly era is now if full swing and today, the first signing was announced at the club.

We’ve already seen a couple of new signings for the women’s team arrive, but now we welcoming the first signing to the Men’s team, well to the academy at least.

Sources: Chelsea’s Raphinha interest

One for the future arrives today and that is 18-year-old goalkeeper Eddie Beach, as officially confirmed on the Chelsea website.

Beach, who was previously at Southampton, is a Wales Under-19 international and has a very bright future ahead of him.

At the same time, Chelsea confirmed that young goalkeeper Lucas Bergstorm is heading out on loan to Peterbrough this season.

Business is getting done, and hopefully this will kick-start the rest of the moves in the senior setup to support Thomas Tuchel’s squad rebuild this summer.

Boehly is expected to be fully behind Tuchel and backing him in the transfer market.

29 thoughts on “Chelsea officially announce first summer signing

  1. to me what I see in Chelsea is, the need to strengthen defense, attacking midd centeral midd and center frw, they need to look down on those areas and power shutter

  2. The new owner is really hurting the feeling of we the fans. Going for Raheem sterling shows this man have come to kill Chelsea. No serious bidding for quality players. In the next few years with this new owner Chelsea FC is no more a force but an average team begging for UEFA conference league. England have succeeded in killing Chelsea FC

    1. Sterling will be a very good buy. His type of play will make him fit in well at Chelsea.
      Buying big names doesn’t mean that you will win the league or cups. If you give yourself time to think about how these big names have performed at Chelsea or other Premier League clubs you will know what lm talking about. . If you are a Chelsea fan you will agree with me that Sterling is the way to go.

      1. What’s his style please? To run with no brakes? We need to sign very young hot prospect/or established in other leagues.

    2. I beg to differ, I’d say Sterling brings a lot of experience and can help in the smooth flow of things on the pitch… clearly Chelsea doesn’t need a traditional number 9 so with someone like him or Kai playing as a false 9 I think we’ll start banging more goals.
      I do understand your point though, he’s not the best we can get but for £45mil he might be a good pick.
      And mind you most high profile players have contracts ending soon…imagine getting someone great for a small fee like City did with Haaland who was valued at €150mil in the last window…#My thoughts

  3. 1) signing rice or brozovic would be a great business
    2) signing felix or nkunku would be a great business
    3) signing bassey or kimpembe wld be a great business
    4) signing lewa or osimhen would be a great business

  4. I really appreciate what the Chelsea manager is doing for signing a new players for this season but please I suggest that he sign players from Spain or any other league players but not in England and give out lukaku as he wishes to leave so that they can do something fast about it of signing New players for Chelsea to go for and they should not only depends on Sterling but other players too I think that is the right decision that they should make

  5. Chelsea is too dull in the market. No traction. And the pursuit for Sterling is really saddening. We are in contention with Man City and want to take their vomit. Someone they did not deem fit to play for them while they go for Haarland and Raphina, and now, Neymar. Haba… nrw owner man, dont break we hearts.

  6. I don’t jus want to see dat Selfish Sterling in my Blue shirt….Nkunku is good, Neymar is Okay, Lez get Lewy to replace Lukaku, Allow my Wizard Ziyech to stay bcoz we need squad indepth.
    *Barkley, Batshuayi, Bakayoko shud join others that have gone
    *Armando, Conor, Collwill shud be join the 1st Team. And we are good to go.
    Blues for life.

  7. Chelsea team need reserve players because of injuries may occur at any time, so but need to sign some quality players.

  8. To all the Chelsea fans, we are still on the stage of testing our new owners to see the connection with the couches and staff. We all k ow that the first year things will not be the same. All in all we will be behind and looking forward to finishing 5 to 7 this coming Season.

  9. Please new club owner we need more signing not just to be bidding for player without buying the players it makes fans to feel sad please

  10. Buy quality strikers and defenders we have plenty excellent mid fielders. Missing Harland was a serious mistake. Lewandowski is a good choice plus someone younger who can learn from him.

  11. Buy quality strikers and defenders we have plenty excellent mid fielders. Missing Harland was a serious mistake. Lewandowski is a good choice plus someone younger who can learn from him.

  12. Please forget about Stalin first all is very short you head ball will be difficult for corner please go for quality striker you have miss to sign Highland please you guys are deceiving and said you are strong in transfer look at Man City Man U Liverpool have signed striker deceiving yourself you are not serious after the buy all the good players finish please go for quality striker too and don’t only Lukaku to go

  13. Please the Paramount problem of Chelsea now is the inability of scoring goals. So what we need do now is to look forward into signing good and experienced strikers in order to boost and strengthen the forward and then also we need strengthen our defense. I think by so doing, we can boast of the saying that goes :we can move comfortably to the pick of the premier league and stay:.

  14. we are requiring the best of Chelsea’s feature and keeping building up .so, we need good players, who can stay in their football ages, and wine trophs .

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