Chelsea fans uncertain about new future without Petr Cech

It seemed very likely from the moment that Roman Abramovich left, and that Bruce Buck would go with him.

The club chairman was so intimately tied to Abramovich’s regime that it always seemed likely that Todd Boehly would want his own man (or in this case, himself) in place.

Marina Granovskaia’s focus was more on the day to day football activity, so she seemed to have more of a chance of staying put – but in the end, she left too.

Petr Cech is in a purely footballing role, but today we’ve heard that even he is leaving.

That is causing the first signs of concern among the fanbase, who were very keen to keep an icon of the club’s recent history in a position of power upstairs, as they fear a total overhaul run by rich American owners without any experience running football clubs.

It seems like it was Cech’s own decision, but we can’t say we’re very comfortable with his departure.

One thought on “Chelsea fans uncertain about new future without Petr Cech

  1. Es que Petr Cech era un pilar importante en el esquema gerencial, no me está convenciendo éste gringo, es un mal movimiento, lo veo como una mala señal, es un enorme error.

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