Cech was key to getting Tuchel – no wonder fans are uncomfortable

Marina Granovskaia and Bruce Buck leaving Chelsea always seemed pretty likely, and while some weren’t sure it was the best move for the club, there wasn’t much dissent from the fans about it.

Petr Cech leaving, as was announced today, is a different matter entirely. That has really got fans worried, and Liam Twomey’s article from this afternoon analysing the decision will only enhance that.

One of the most interesting claims in his article on The Athletic is that Cech was the main driver behind getting Thomas Tuchel to come to Chelsea midway through the season at the start of 2021.

So perhaps Tuchel will be Cech’s great legacy at the club, but ultimately, it seems damaging to lose such a key connection between the players and the administration, especially when he’s clearly had such a tangible positive impact like this in the relatively short time he’s been at the club.

One thought on “Cech was key to getting Tuchel – no wonder fans are uncomfortable

  1. Cech leaving is a big blow as his experience was vital to Chelsea ambitions
    Its more than what meets the eye regarding his leaving. Remember he was against Lukaku leaving and I also think the new boss has his own way of seeing Chelsea vision come 2022/2023 season. We wont know reason as of now lets hope for the best

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