(Video): Thomas Tuchel has “failed” this season says ex-pro

Chelsea will finish this season miles behind Liverpool and Man City, and on TalkSport today Gabriel Agbonlahor was insisting that this is “unacceptable” and that in previous years, Thomas Tuchel would have been sacked.

He might well have been – but that wouldn’t have made it a good decision. Chelsea have sacked plenty of managers too early over the years. Agbonlahor says that Tuchel “failed” – which is pretty odd considering Chelsea won the UEFA Super Cup, and were a penalty away from the Carabao Cup and the FA Cup.

We wish we could say that this was purely a TalkSport clickbait phenomenon, but there are plenty of Chelsea Twitter accounts spewing similar nonsense.

You can see him speaking in the clip embedded here:

One thought on “(Video): Thomas Tuchel has “failed” this season says ex-pro

  1. He definitely has failed the Club this season and there is no improvement in his actions. Could it be that he has exit plans but just not saying.

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