“This is where the difference is” – The gap between Chelsea and Liverpool according to Thomas Tuchel

Chelsea are at the end of an exhausting season, and Thomas Tuchel looks worn out, not just from the games and travelling, but from the endless press conferences too.

For the fourth time this season his team battled Liverpool to the very end but couldn’t get a win, and the German coach was asked yesterday what the gap between them was.

He pointed out that while his team had been able to raise their game to take on the Reds time after time, they hadn’t always been able to produce that, and had slipped up too many times in other games – while Jurgen Klopp’s team was simply a winning machine, who never allowed themselves to be slowed down.

You can see the coach speaking in the clip embedded here, with these quotes coming after 7 minutes:

The question now is how Chelsea close that gap. Is it a matter of getting better players, or a matter of psychology?