The two things that happened when Ben Chilwell returned to Chelsea training

Today’s big news was that Ben Chilwell is back in first team training with Chelsea’s squad, a rare ray of sunshine in a pretty bleak month for the club.

The left back ruptured his cruciate ligament in the game against Juventus back in November, a moment which marked the turning point in Chelsea’s previously successful season.

Things went downhill pretty rapidly after that, and at times we’ve felt like we’re treading water waiting for Chilwell’s return.

He’s been slowly working his way back through his physio, and it’s great to see him out there. The reaction from his teammates show that we’re not the only ones who have been counting the days.

He apparently got a big hug from Thomas Tuchel, and a round of applause from his teammates as he re-joined the group.

It’s been a tough time without him, but this is a good time to return – he will now have the whole summer to get up to speed and should start next season at full power.