Paul Merson gives unlikely reasons for Rudiger departure

Paul Merson’s column on Sky Sports this week is all about Antonio Rudiger, and the former player ends up blaming Frank Lampard for the fact that the defender has left.

Rudiger lost his place under Lampard, and Merson says it was then that the Germany international’s mind was made up that he wanted to leave.

It seems more to us like Merson is projecting his own bitterness onto Rudiger.

First of all, let’s get this clear – Rudiger was dreadful in that spell under Lampard that saw him dropped, and neither he nor any fans could have too many complaints.

Secondly, even if the centre back was angry at Lampard, once he had played 18 brilliant months under Tuchel and won the Champions League, it seems unlikely he would been motivated entirely by spite towards a coach who was no longer at the club.

Tuchel brought him into the team and made him a key man and a leader of the squad – if Rudiger still wanted to go, it seems unlikely to be based on a year old grudge.

4 thoughts on “Paul Merson gives unlikely reasons for Rudiger departure

  1. I fully agree it’s all about who is offering him a better contract. Its the only way Rüdiger and his agent would allign themselves to any Club. Had he any allegiance he would have stayed regardless of what his agent would have advised him to do. Such is his view and option towards the game.

  2. Pienso que el motivo es el contrato, se sabe que la política del chelsea con los que sobrepasan los 30 años. Por eso es que menciona que no era debido a las sanciones.

  3. He and Andria Christian like so many other greedy mercenaries, have only loyalties to money, money.

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