Chelsea’s two most dangerous performances of the season were against the same team

The season is over now, which is a real shame, but does allow us the fun of looking at the stats for the whole campaign as one.

For example, using FBRef, we can check out which games saw the Blues generate the most xG (Expected Goals) – and curiously enough our two most dangerous games came against the team team.

Our most threatening match all year was in April, when we beat Southampton 6-0 with an expected goal value of 4.2.

The second best was also against the Saints, although way down on 3.6 xG. We won that game too, but with a more modest 3 goals in favour.

After that, curiously, came our biggest win of the season, the 7-0 against Norwich, which we achieved with just 3.2 xG – with an equally amazing 0.2 expected goals against us.

It just goes to show, it’s not just about how good your chances are, it’s what you do with them that counts.