Two all-time sporting legends added to one Chelsea bid

We’re into what should be the final days of the bidding to buy Chelsea, but the three parties still in the race are not slowing up.

Instead they’re actually still adding big names to their respective groups, hoping to sway fan sentiment and Raine Group, the merchant bank who are deciding who wins the race.

We’ve had various big names added to the Sir Martin Broughton bid already – Chelsea fan Sebastian Coe for example – but today’s announcement trumps the lot.

ESPN have reported that both Lewis Hamilton and Serena Williams have “joined” Brougton’s bid.

Don’t expect them to be at Stamford Bridge every week or holding meetings with German sporting directors over transfers, but they will have some cash at stake.

ESPN say it’s around £10m each. That’s hardly going to swing the deal either way, but attaching celebrity names to your bid seems like a way that these groups are trying to gain an edge at the last minute.