Stephen Pagliuca’s previous comments on Super League are concerning

It’s getting to crunch time now in the sale of Chelsea Football Club.

It will soon be time for Roman Abramovich to make a final decision on who will get his beloved football club, and it is probably going to be one of the most major decisions ever involving our club.

Outsiders to buy Chelsea building a VERY strong groups

Roman has owned Chelsea for the last 20-years, and whoever the club goes to could really determine the next 20 years.

There are four shortlisted groups who will put their final offers on the table today, and they all look to have built strong groups now with decent financial backing.

One of the groups put out a statement yesterday and in it included their plead to not join any European Super Leagues. However, previous comments from Stephen Pagliuca on that subject, as reported by The BBC, are rather concerning to say the least.

Despite this week saying saying that the Women’s Super League was “the only Super League we intend competing in”, has previously said a European Super League “made sense on paper” to clubs which, in contrast to those in America, faced “risks” from relegation and a lack of salary control. He also told Bloomberg in 2020 a way of mitigating against those risks was to “manage those clubs tightly.”

Not a great look to be honest.