Romelu Lukaku made a “big mistake” coming to Chelsea says former Juventus defender

Patrice Evra isn’t afraid of saying what he thinks, that’s for sure.

The former Manchester United left back is making a living out of talking now he’s retired, and he hasn’t held back on the sensitive subject of Romelu Lukaku’s move to Chelsea.

In this example though, Evra’s opinion is much the same as everyone else’s.

“Those who criticise Lukaku have a short memory, because when he first arrived in London, he scored goals and did very well,” Evra said in quotes picked up by Football Italia.

“After he got injured and then said that he missed Inter, that created a bit of a mess with the fans,” the former Juventus defender continued.

“He wanted at all costs to return to Chelsea, but he should’ve stayed at Inter after a season at such a high level.”

There’s still a good chance that things come good for Lukaku at Chelsea, but it looks less likely with every passing week. Kai Havertz has taken over his role up front and plays it in a very different way. The more the German succeeds, the further it feels that the team are moving away from a system that Lukaku can ever succeed in.

The mistake was Lukaku’s but it was Chelsea’s too.