One groups funding plans to buy Chelsea not yet revealed but likely to be debt-freebe

Roman Abramovich is searching for the perfect new owners for his beloved Chelsea Football Club.

And this is great news for us fans, because this means that all the checks and research into what each groups plans are and more importantly, how they will be funding the buy and the projects, will be carried out vastly by Raine Group, who are handling the sale for Abramovich.

One outsider to buy Chelsea building a VERY strong group

Three of the groups looking to buy Chelsea have been confirmed by The Times as being cash bids and debt-free.

This is exactly what we and Abramovich will want and need, and that means that the final fourth group led by Stephen Pagliuca is also more than likely to be the same style of funding, cash only and debt-free. So having the funds upfront. This is what the same report goes on to say, whilst also confirming that Pagliuca’s group have not revealed their funding plans when asked by the publication, despite all three others revealing theirs.