‘Doubtful’ – Thomas Tuchel puts blame on players for Arsenal defeat but accepts he also got it wrong

At least Thomas Tuchel’s post-game reactions were honest and balanced, unlike many ‘takes’ I’ve seen online.

Scrolling down social media last night after the 4-2 Arsenal defeat and it seemed to be one way or the other – people blaming Tuchel, or people blaming the players. Not many ever look at things from a balanced perspective and that’s a real shame.

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The reality is, it’s on BOTH. Tuchel made some tactical and selection mistakes, and he even acknowledges this after the game. But at the same time, as Tuchel also states, what can you do about individual errors and a collectively awful team performance bar maybe one or two? Not much, really. But the bottom line is BOTH can take some blame here, and according to Tuchel, BOTH are taking some blame here.

I wonder why social media users cannot see it this way and do the same?

“It’s a level and amount of mistakes in consecutive games here at home that’s impossible on this kind of level,” Tuchel said after the game as cited on the Chelsea website. “You don’t see it but we are doing them at the moment and you cannot win football games like this.

“It’s not about individual players. It’s about the defensive performance as a team. You need to have the tactics right, which is doubtful if I had this right, and you need the team selection right, which is also doubtful if I had this right.

“Then it’s a game for the players. They get the full praise when they do it like they did in the last three matches so they have to face reality that it’s simply impossible to win matches like this if you make this amount of mistakes of this calibre

“I don’t see it in any other matches but I see it now in consecutive matches and it has to stop otherwise we are in deep trouble.

“Look at the penalty. It’s an unbelievable goal, from our ball possession after we had three ball losses in 10 seconds and then we do a foul when there’s not even the slightest danger.

“We robbed ourselves of the chance to have six minutes maybe for the equaliser. There is nothing more to analyse. We proved in the last three matches and thought we learned our lessons from Brentford and Real Madrid but obviously not.”